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"Bill really knows his stuff, both technical and artistic.  He helped me make sure that my color choices were perfect, that we chose the very best paint, and he went on to do an amazing job on my old house.  It looks more beautiful than I could have dreamed, and also it seems like it will be very durable.  All the neighbors have raved about it ("a thing of beauty," said one), and a couple of people driving by have stopped their cars to inquire as to who my painter is.  Bill's attention to detail and his professional work impressed me greatly and I would highly recommend him!
"  - Julie

"I am writing to thank you again for the excellent painting job you did at my home & office. The workmanship is high quality & was performed professionally. I am extremely pleased that you kept the schedule we set-up, protected our furniture so well, took down & covered our artwork & cleaned up thoroughly. I've recommended your company to my friends and colleagues & thank you again for the professional painting job." - Lawrence

 "Bill clearly takes pride in his work. He has a definite eye for detail and color and does not cut any corners. My husband was especially impressed by the time that he spent preparing the walls prior to painting - ensuring that the paint would look flawless and last for years to come. Bill helped us select quality paints and was careful to protect our floors. We found him to be trustworthy and reliable. Bill transformed our house into a warm and comfortable home. We would recommend him to anyone who requires high quality and superior service." - Lisa

"My husband has traditionally done any interior painting projects we have had. Given our decision to do a complete redo of our house, I was so pleased when he agreed to hire a professional this time.  We couldn’t have spent our money more wisely!  Your attention to detail, perfect lines and color recommendations were impressive and helpful. You’ve turned the drab inside of our home into a completely gorgeous Victorian-looking house!  We appreciated your overall professionalism, not to mention your willingness to take on such a large job on short notice and your ability to complete it in a timely fashion. We are happy to keep recommending your services." - Doreen





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