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Mindful of the past and dedicated to the future, Prestigious Painting & Decorating is committed to the preservation of Pennsylvania’s historic homes and buildings. 

We understand the importance of recreating the original beauty of your structure and can restore your home or building to its original state.  Each decorative molding can be stripped, or removed and taken for a chemical identification that will allow us to identify the original colors that were used. Certainly the taste of the original owner may vary from that of the current owner but simply knowing what colors were used and where they were used can open the eyes of many home and business owners as to what they might want to use for a color pallet.

Before we can complete the necessary steps needed to restore the building to its original beauty, we must first do a thorough assessment to assure that there is proper ventilation and that there is no excess moisture within the walls. This moisture would cause the new paint to fail and peel.  If we discover any rot or carpentry issues, you will be promptly made aware of these and advised on options for the repairs. We will also recommend any measures that should be taken to ready the structure, such as having a professional mill company recreate new moldings where some may be missing, damaged, or rotten.  Once we are ready to proceed with the project, we will implement techniques such as feather sanding & heat stripping to restore the surface to its original state, allowing us to apply fresh, new paint without interference from the old layers. 

We aim to be at the forefront of the home restoration contractors in Philadelphia. With our careful preparation and skilled craftsmanship, our historical restoration division can turn back the hands of time to centuries ago, when colors were as important as the wood they beautified.

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